I marshal the middle between Mathers and McLuhan. I have written about music and culture for three decades for everything from regional newspapers and homegrown zines and blogs to books, academic journals, and national glossy magazines. My dissertation was titled Allusions of Grandeur: Figurative Language Use in Rap Lyrics, and I most recently contributed to both the St. James Encyclopedia of Hip-Hop Culture (St. James, 2018) and The Routledge Companion to Remix Studies (Routledge, 2015). I was assistant editor to Paul D. Miller a.k.a. DJ Spooky on his Sound Unbound: Sampling Digital Music and Culture (MIT Press, 2008) and self-published an interview collection called Follow for Now: Interviews with Friends and Heroes (2007). I hold a Ph.D. in Communication Studies from the University of Texas at Austin and am currently a Visiting Assistant Professor in the Department of Communication at the University of Illinois at Chicago. As a child, I solved the Rubik’s Cube competitively.