Follow for Now

Follow for Now: Interviews with Friends and Heroes is an anthology of forty-three interviews with minds of all kinds. Published through my own Well-Red Bear imprint, Follow for Now is an eclectic, independently-minded snapshot of the intellectual landscape at the beginning of the twenty-first century. Disinformation named it “among the most important books published in 2007,” Erik Davis called it “a crisp and substantial remix of the major memes of the last decade or so,” and David Barker wrote that it and I were “about new ideas and trying to figure things out. I think he is about trying to make connections between things that no one else has connected.” Follow for Now includes an extensive bibliography, a full index, and weighs in at nearly 400 pages. Find out more, and order yours at the book’s own site, get it on Amazon’s Kindle, Google Books, or Barnes & Noble’s Nook.